About The Stem Teachers Club

Carly and Adam's STEM Teachers Club is an elementary teacher professional organization boasting over 3,000 educators dedicated to advancing STEM education. Founded in 2020 by Carly and Adam, the club is a hub for collaborative growth and resources.

The club's commitment to professional development is highlighted by its biannual STEM Teacher Summits, which feature leading voices in STEM education and provide invaluable learning and networking opportunities for teachers. Each year since 2020, we have provided 2 affordable online STEM Teacher Summits with 10,000+ attendees worldwide.

Additionally, the club hosts monthly Zoom calls with Jed Dearybury, a renowned educator and play advocate, offering members direct access to expert insights and guidance.

At its core, Carly and Adam's STEM Teachers Club is more than just lesson plans; it's a vibrant community where educators can share challenges, celebrate successes, and collectively push the boundaries of STEM education to inspire the next generation of thinkers and innovators.

Our Team

Carly Speicher

Co-founder, CEO, Curriculum Developer

Carly is a former elementary school teacher, co-founder of Carly and Adam, and a curriculum developer for the STEM Teachers Club.

Adam Speicher

Co-founder, CFO

Adam is a STEM enthusiast and co-founder of Carly and Adam and the STEM Teachers Club. He helps run the business side of things.

Britteney Barber

Online Business Manager

Britteney is the glue that holds Carly and Adam and the STEM Teachers Club together. She creates systems, organizes STEM Teacher Summits, and keeps everything on track.

Connie Ann Roussel

Teacher, Curriculum Developer

Connie Ann is an Elementary STEM Specialist from Texas. She is a curriculum developer and TEKs expert.

Jed Dearybury

Teacher, Play Expert, Artist

Jed is host of our monthly Happy Hour Zoom Calls. He is fun, encouraging, and inspiring. He also draws some of our cool doodles. 

Emily Kobler

Special Education Teacher, Technology Specialist, Social Media Expert

Emily is an elementary teacher and runs our social media. She creates discussions and improves our community.